New Style dust-proof bouffant cap

2019-11-21 11:35:29 person comment browse classification:Industry news

The invention relates to the field of dust-proof technology, in particular to a new type of dust-proof bouffant cap. The purpose of the invention is to provide a new type of dust-proof bouffant cap, which has good breathability and is not easy to appear with lacerations.

At present, many production and processing technology fields require dust-free treatment. From negative pressure suction before entering the workshop to wearing dust-proof clothing, which is commonly use new type of dust-proof bouffant cap. It also can block hair, dandruff, dust and so on from the head drop.  but there are many new dust-proof bouffant caps with round rubber bands at the brim, and in order to save costs its diameter is only 0.1cm, so after a long period of wear, workers will have lacerations on the head. In past cases, it can cause hypoxia in the brain and affect the  workers health.

In order to solve the problem of background technology, the present invention adopts the following technical solution: it includes the bouffant cap body, the inner wall of the cap body is provided with a flat rubber band along the inner wall and the width is set to 0.3 cm.  

 Because the rubber band at the brim is set flat shape, So the area of contact with human body is larger, the pressure at the contact is small. In addition to set its width to 0.3cm, not only have good breathability but also have low cost. With long time wearing will not appear Forehead mark.

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