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The Image on the left is our trademark registration certificate. Our trademark is made of  the word "DOVE" with chinese symbol "德威".

Trade Mark No.: 7011675

Register Company: Anhui Guohong Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.

Register Date: From August 21, 2010 to August 20, 2020

Service list: Trademark Classification Class 21,Household and kitchen cooking items, daily necessities,tableware

In China the registration process includes several steps.  

1. Trademark Enquiry: Whether the inquiry can apply for registration.

2. The trademark owner files an application to register the trademark. the application is reviewed by expert. 

3. Submitted to the Trademark Office, submitted to the State Trademark Office to follow up the proces.

4. Get the certificate: issued a trademark certificate, the legal certificate of the State Trademark Office.

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