Can polyethylene PE gloves direct contact with food?

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The polyethylene gloves are transparent, thin disposable gloves commonly used in industry, medical, catering and other fields. Polyethylene gloves are soft, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, heat-resistant, and easy to use and handle.

Application of polyethylene PE gloves in food contact industry:
Disposable polyethylene PE gloves are widely used in food processing, catering, service industries, fast food restaurants and other fields. When in contact with fresh food or processed food, gloves can protect the food from contamination. However, it should be noted that polyethylene gloves can only prevent hands from contaminating food and cannot disinfect contaminated food.

Issues that need to be paid attention to when using polyethylene PE gloves:
1. Polyethylene gloves are not suitable for use in all foods. Some foods with high temperature or high grease content are not suitable for use with polyethylene gloves. If you need to handle high-temperature or high-fat foods, it is recommended to choose gloves with high temperature resistance, oil and oil resistance.
2. Pay attention to the material and production process of polyethylene gloves to ensure that they meet national standards and are non-toxic and harmless, and avoid using substandard products.
3. When using polyethylene PE gloves in daily work, you need to follow the correct usage method. The gloves need to be replaced in time to avoid contaminants on the outside of the gloves coming into contact with the food.
4. For high-demand restaurants, processing plants and other places, producers and operators also need to understand the relevant standards and requirements for food safety management and develop scientific and complete food safety management procedures.

Polyethylene PE gloves can be used in food processing and catering industries, but attention needs to be paid to the usage method and material quality. For places with high requirements, it is necessary to comply with national food safety standards and management requirements, strengthen employee training and food safety awareness, and ensure food safety.

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