Research report on future prospects of global disposable PE plastic aprons industry

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In people's minds, aprons are daily household protective clothing. People like to tie an apron around their waist when cooking to prevent their clothes from getting dirty. In the early days, most common aprons on the market were reusable aprons made of cotton or non-woven fabrics. However, with the rapid development of global technology, medicine, catering and other industries, disposable PE plastic aprons are gradually being used because of their convenience and low price. widely used.

According to different materials, disposable plastic aprons can be divided into two types: polyethylene (PE) plastic aprons and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic aprons. There are also a few products made of other materials. Disposable polyethylene (PE) plastic aprons are lightweight, waterproof and available in a variety of sizes. This type of apron is resistant to liquids, grease and oil stains and is commonly used in food processing, catering, baking, medicine and other fields. Disposable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic aprons are durable and can be cleaned with wipes. This product is usually adjustable in length and suitable for people of different body types; it combines the advantages of waterproof, oil-proof, corrosion-proof, dust-proof, etc., and is suitable for commercial and professional uses, such as carpenters, hairdressers, painters, chefs, waiters, etc. . In addition, some products are designed with pockets to hold things, which enhances their practicality. 

Currently, polyethylene plastic aprons are widely used. In 2020, their market share was as high as 87.29%, while polyvinyl chloride and other material products only occupied 7.97% and 4.74% of the market share respectively.

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