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Figure 1 shows the structure of the existing disposable apron. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the present invention.

Disposable pe apron which relates to the technical field of plastic apron processing. It comprises a body (1), a neckline is arranged above the body (1).  An upper collar is above the neckline and a tear line (2) is arranged at the upper collar. The invention has a tear line at the upper collar, Replacement of apron is convenient and fast. It does not pollute the wearer's clothes thus improving people's work efficiency.

Background technique

When people work in kitchens or other workplaces that are susceptible to pollution. In order to be waterproof and oil-resistant, a lot of disposable plastic aprons are used on the market. Nowadays, many disposable plastic aprons are used in the market (see Figure 1) are taped at the neckline. Which is convenient for the user to wear, but when people use it, they must first tear off the neckline tape to take it off.  Under the circumstance, sometimes it's not convenient for people to disinfect in time. At this time, the tape that rips the collar is easy to contaminate the clothes, but also delays  the time.  So it does not have a good protective effect on the wearer, but also reduces people's work efficiency.

When using the invention, the pe apron only needs to be unfolded, and then the apron neckline is put on the head, so that it can work. When used up , people only need to grasp the apron and pull it down, and the upper collar will be pulled from the tear line, so that other work can be done quickly  and will not pollute the clothing.

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