Volcanic eruption causes serious air pollution In Manila, Philippines, citizens snap up face masks

2020-1-13 15:02:11 person comment browse classification:Industry news

According to Philippine media reports on the 13th, the Taal volcano in the Philippines erupted without warning, resulting in the temporary closure of Manila Airport. The Philippines officially announced that 8,000 residents would be evacuated from the vicinity of the volcano. Philippine President orders classes to be closed in areas affected by volcanic ash.

The air in the capital Manila was severely polluted by the amount of ash from the eruption of Mount Taal. Prompting the people of Manila to snap up nonwoven face masks, especially the N95 face masks which has been out of stock.

At present, major pharmacies in the city are asking suppliers to supply urgently, in order to ensure the supply of disposable face mask and prices stable.

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